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Motherhood is Hard. 
Let's Do It Together

Julie Lundy Coaching for Moms

With You For All the Firsts

Meet Julie

Certified Life Coach | Birth Doula 

Mom of Two | Strategic Consultant

Hey there! I'm Julie, a working mom of two, and your ultimate cheerleader!


With my personalized holistic approach to coaching, I help moms tap into their intuition to identify strategies that work best for them and their families. 

I help moms because I know how hard it can be to solve the complicated puzzle that is motherhood. I don't believe in complaining with out action and I don't want to be called a “super-mom” and pretend everything is all right. I want motherhood to be a journey of self-exploration, self-love, learning and a shit ton of fun!

That's why I started Julie Lundy Coaching. I believe every mom can have the life she wants.  And you aren't going to find the answers in a parenting book. It lives within you! I became a birth doula and certified life coach to give me a framework to share the tools and strategies that helped me navigate the ups and downs of raising my kids, growing my career, launching my business, managing our household, and deepening my relationships without losing myself in the process. 

Let's work together to create a life that's fulfilling, joyful, and authentic - because you deserve it, mama!


I help moms

Navigate transitions

By preparing yourself, your children, and updating your system

Prioritize YOU 

Let's establish and maintain healthy boundaries

Solve parenting puzzles 

By tapping into

your intuition 

Embrace changes

Through self discovery and love

Get prepared

With custom built baby resources and proven tips and tricks

Other Moms Say

"Julie gave me the confidence, the tips and the skills that I needed as a new mom. I left the house for the first time with Julie's help after giving birth and thanks to her, I was able to nurse much more efficiently and confidently in my workplace and have a positive experience for our 3 month old's first flight. Highly recommend!" 

Netta, Mom to Eliana


Imagine a future where you're the fullest version of yourself, you're connected to your children, there's peace in your home and in your heart, and you're having a shit ton of fun.

I know it's possible. Let's get started today

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